Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower With Tub Review

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If you desire to have the best of pleasure while bathing, you really need to purchase the wonderful Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower with Tub. It’s indeed a nice unit that can turn your bathroom into a pleasurable theater while you shower in there.

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The ariel steam shower with tub comes with lots of excellent features. It has a perfect computer control panel that works with timer.  It also has steam sauna with 6kW generator and a cleaning function.  The steam shower enclosure also has whirlpool massage jets and acupuncture body massage jets for you bathing pleasure.   You’re also sure to enjoy using the handheld showerhead together with the overall rainfall showerhead.

Features & Specifications

The shower spa tub unit comes with ventilation fan, aromatherapy, overheat protection, built in seat with drain trap.  It has an FM radio for your listening pleasure while you take your bath in it.  The ariel platinum steam shower measures 89”H x 59” W x 59” D. it comes with 1 year warranty when you purchase it.

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The benefits of the platinum shower unit are mainly hinged of the efficiency of its features as outlined above.  There are several other extra features that come with the unit. Among them include 6 exhilarating body jets,  Chromatherapy lighting,  spray nozzles,  hydro massage jets,  built in seating area in front of the massage jets,  steam generator, rainfall ceiling shower,  high  quality speakers,  handheld adjustable showerhead,  Thermostat Faucet,  Temperature sensor, and some other  nice features. The unit is well loaded to give you the best of pleasure.

Ariel Platinum Steam Shower Review

Currently, the Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower with Tub has no single review from any customer at Amazon. It’s just a new product and hence, customers are yet to locate it. However, lots of positive reviews are expected in future since the product has nice features.

Again, there are no ratings yet on the products since no customer has purchased it at Amazon. However, the product is sure to be rated high in due course.  There are also no negative reviews or comments for it at Amazon.

In any case, the Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower with Tub remains a great   unit that can enhance your bathing experience. You’re sure to have the best of pleasure while you have it installed in your bathroom. It’s currently available for grabs online. The price is within your reach provided you want the best from the unit.  Why not grab it today?

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