DreamLine Neptune Steam Shower Review

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The DreamLine Neptune Steam Shower suggests you as well as your entire family a totally new dimension in bathing and showering. DreamLine owns the title of is being one of the fastest growing and most popular premier international manufacturer’s and global distributers of wide range of bathroom steam room products for both commercial and residential use. Click here to SAVE $1250 on the DreamLine Neptune Steam Shower for a limited time only!

The Neptune Steam Shower endows with steam baths, which are well-appointed and spa-style oriented for use within your home. DreamLine coupled with this steam bathes is aimed to change your usual standard bathroom into an absolutely dazzling residential spa.

Features & Specifications

The DreamLine Neptune Steam Shower is a highly developed as well as high steam originator which uses 7KW power and 240 V per hour to shoot steam through its fine nozzles fitted in the shower. It features the facilities of showing of digital time along with temperature and lightweight control. To further delight its consumers, the SHJC-8151516-01 Neptune gives a truly relaxing and super soothing foot message that makes a person addictive to it.

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This elegant and classy DreamLine product, which is partially made of clear glass, weighs around 418 pounds and has its dimensions measuring 51.13 x 51.13 x 88.63 inches. It comes with two, extremely comfortable and advanced molded built-in seats, which are made to support every part of your body that rests on the seats.  The interior back wall as well as sauna steam shower flooring plate of the SHJC-8151516-01 are designed and manufactured using the best quality Acrylic/ABS along with fully automated water jets, entity wet diverters along with a thermostat valve.

To further add in to DreamLine’s Neptune Steam Shower gorgeousness along with advanced specifications, the bungalow clever design allows easy admittance to electrical gearshift, main plumbing parts and steam generator via a user-removable panel. Its measuring as well as electrical links can be controlled form both left and right sides of the bungalow since setup options are present for either sides. Neptune’s roof provides tropical, light rain shower accompanied with efficient waterfall functions.

DreamLine Neptune Review

One of the recompense that DreamLine Neptune Steam Shower proffer to increase the utmost conviction of its users gives an extremely long 5 year warranty and 1 year warranty on all electrical, plumbing and steam generator components from start date of purchase made by any contractor, builder or perhaps an owner if bought from an authorized dealer. The quality of this product is truly beyond excellence and stands totally unbeatable. With an additional favor of absolutely free shipping henceforth making it a solid choice for the audience to consider. Click here to read more reviews.

As such there have been no major complaints about the glass steam shower and looking at the prime fact that it is getting sold at a pretty quick space reflects the fact that it is quite popular among the audience.

One can recommend somebody else to pay for Dream Line Neptune Steam Shower, at the same time as it has all those qualities that can make people feel comfortable and relax as well. Taking a shower with it makes you land into paradise and it caters all the needs of its consumers to its full abilities. Click here to check it out.

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