Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower Review

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The Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower is an awesome unit designed for pleasurable bathing. It’s really a watershed in bath equipments market. The product maintains a golden standard and it’s rated very high all over the globe. You’re sure to have peace of mind and lots of pleasure when you shower with the steam shower unit.

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The Platinum Steam Shower comes with awesome assembly and installation synergy in a grand style. It’s well built with modern specifications designed for modern day bathrooms. The product comes with a 6KW steam generator which makes it to be very effective in use. The Ariel platinum steam shower has a chroma therapy and multi-color mood lighting system. It adds unusual ambiance as it envelopes you the user in the steam and also takes you to a level of relaxation in the heavenly places.

Features & Specifications

The Steam shower comes with awesome features. The Ariel steam shower has nice hydra back-massage jets for your using pleasure. It also has acupressure nozzles for your enjoyment. The steam shower unit has rain shower, sprays and other tools meant to refresh your body as you go ahead to shower with it. The unit also has temperature-touch steam that relaxes your muscles when you shower.

Other unique features of the product include steam sauna, computer control panel with timer, handheld showerhead, overhead rainfall showerhead, ventilation fan, aromatherapy, overheat protection, wooden floorboard with 2 matching seat stools, FM radio set and some other features. The steam shower bathroom unit measures 87.4” H x 59” W x 35.5” D. While you take your bath with the unit, you can be listening to your favorite radio station at the same time.

Ariel Steam Shower Review

As at the moment, the Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower has not got any review in Amazon. It’s probably a new added product that is yet to be identified by many people. However, a lot of reviews are expected in due course as many people have begun to hear about the unit. Again, there are no star ratings for the product at Amazon. There’s a great hope that so many ratings will be recorded in the near future. Click here to read more reviews and Save $1410 on Amazon for limit time only.

In any case, the Platinum Steam Shower still has many other reviews in other shopping malls online. You can always search the net to read such reviews. Many of them are likely to sing the praises of the unit.

Well, the Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower remains a very unique bath unit you need to install in your bathroom. I highly recommend it for everyone who seeks pleasure while in bathroom. The unit is very much available for grabs online.  Click here to check it out.

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